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Image by Siim Lukka

Bloom where you are planted


[blooming, flourishing]

F is for Flourishing

L is for Lush

O is for Original

R is for Restful

What is a flower? To an insect: food. To a plant: future. To us, it

depends. We eat them, admire them, heal with them, and convey

messages of love, loss, care, and hope through them. Flowers have

also told stories of faith for centuries. There is a story behind every

flower, its origin, its beauty, and its soul. Its very existence is a

miracle to us. Many times, our plants or flowers bloomed beyond

expectation, bringing such blissful feelings. It gives us hope,

aspiration, and strengthens our causes. We are now in full bloom at

FLOR; we look forward to bringing you a mindful experience, a

journey of well-being, a pleasant atmosphere full of love, friendship,

plants, and flowers.

Image by Johannes Hofmann

Inspired by Plants Talk

Home of green, heart, well-being
and soul.
We can communicate with each
other, we can feel, we can sense
emotions, the moods around us.

This Is Us

​Le An Nhi

Former Event Planner, Sales Manager at several 5-star resorts, with great passion for plants, flowers and home decoration, Nhi is on a mission to make the world more beautiful.

​Hoa Nguyen

A veteran in hospitality industry, an

advocate for education and philanthropy, Hoa wants to bring more values to all stakeholders: staff, customers, families and friends, etc.

To be the leading and innovative force in flowers and event decorations.

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